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Embroidered Quilts Ruby Red Dots The Circuit Riders Quilt
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Embroidered Quilts

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Inspired by antique redwork
Of One Mind designers have
created seven new quilts and three
fun projects showcasing embroidery
. This publication includes designs for floral motifs,
months of the year, butterfiles, vintage daisies and proverbs
Also included are clear embroidery instructions and a brief history
of embroidery.
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Let Your Heart Bloom

# 12286
Regular Price $9.00
A Gold Star Collection Pattern by Rita Briner
combines nine-patc and hourglass designs.
Includes complete instructions and templates
Quilt Size 74" x 74"
Price: $7.20
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Cabin In The Woods

# 12287
A Gold Star Collection Pattern by Rita Briner
uses paper piecing, piecing and applique.
Includes complete instructions and templates.
Finished Size 36-1/2" x 40-1/2".
Price: $9.00
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# 12289
Gold Star Collection Design by Edie McGinnis
combines Bachelors and Old Maid Puzzles.
Colors change from stronger blue to mellower
shades where the patterns meet and meld.
Includes complete instructions and templates.
Quilt Size 87" x 100"
Price: $9.00
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# 14785
Regular Price $16.95
By Pamela Manning
The dinosaur quilt and projects in this book will delight little boys and girls the world over. Pam even offers a few dinosaur facts to brush up on as you appliqué each dinosaur block. The moving body parts bring the dinosaurs to life for your youngster and the easy appliqué and Big Stitch will get this quilt done in a hurry. You'll find additional projects in this book to dress up a room in dinosaurs, including a pillow sham, wall hanging, and window valance.
Price: $13.56
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We Gather Together

# 14787
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Price: $20.76
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My Stars I

# 18231
Regular Price $22.95
This book includes a selection of 25 of the first patterns offered to My Star Collection subscribers. The book is filled with redrafted patterns that were published in The Kansas City Star newspaper sometime between 1928 and 1961. Each pattern includes templates, fabric requirements, and assembly instructions, as well as the history of the block. Patterns include Carrie Nation, Pine Tree, Sunbonnet Sue, Crystal Star and many more!
Price: $18.36
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Across the Wide Missouri

# 18256
"Lonesome miner wants wife to share stake and prospects. Please respond to Louis Dreibelbis in Grass Valley, California. –San Franciso Magazine, April 12, 1873" So reads the ad 22-year-old Eleanor Berry of Gilroy, California, responded to in a respected literary journal. Little did Eleanor know that Mr. Dreibelbis wasn’t who he said he was. This is just one of 12 stories honoring the courageous women who left their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers behind to go West. Their stories are sometimes tragic and sometimes funny. Even though they never knew one another, they had one thing in common - uncommon courage. The featured quilt of the book - the Star's 2010 block-of-the-month project - is offered in two different colorways - Jan's version and Edie's version. Also, as you delve into the book, you’ll find quick and easy projects honoring the pioneer spirit. The church was the community gathering place for families on the frontier and Jan reminds us of that with her Church Bells in the Snow wall hanging. The 9-block Gone Fishing quilt reflects the importance of nature’s offerings for the hardy pioneers who made their way West. Whether you make the featured quilt, your favorite block or one of the projects, you will be reminded of the incredible pioneer spirit and bravery shown by the intrepid women who stepped into the unknown and made history .
Price: $24.95
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Winter Trees

# 18819
Regular Price $22.95
Take a walk in the woods with Jane Kennedy. Even though it’s winter, you’ll see the beauty in the serenity of untouched snow and feel the chill of the cold snowdrifts. Now you can make Jane’s woods your own. Follow her clear, concise step-by-step instructions to create your own pattern. After learning Jane’s easy technique, you’ll be ready to step out and add your own unique elements to reflect memories of woods that have touched your heart and calmed your soul.
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Cradle to Cradle

# 18820
By Barbara Jones Quilts have always celebrated the biggest moments in our lives—from births to weddings. But what about all the other wonderful moments? Join quilt artist Barbara Jones as she celebrates many of the milestones in a young woman’s life—moving into her first Big Girl Bed, getting her braces off, getting engaged and more. Inside you’ll find seven charming quilts honoring a young woman’s life from her birth through the birth of her own first child. Barbara teaches you a variety of appliqué methods for all skill ranges, so even the beginner can make these delightful quilts!
Price: $24.95
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Pick of the Seasons

# 18821
by Tammy Johnson & Avis Shirer Pick of the Seasons celebrates the entire year in quilts with wonderful projects in favorite seasonal motifs and colors. Tammy Johnson and Avis Shirer, the design team duo of Joined at the Hip, combine their favorites to make this book the cream of the crop! Eight quilts of varying sizes are included - Springtime on the Square, Old Fashioned Christmas, Dahlia, Pumpkins and Acorns and more! Four additional projects can be inserted in poster frames for easy hanging.
Price: $23.95
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Women of Influence

# 18895
Women of Influence: 12 Leaders of the Suffrage Movement by Sarah Maxwell & Dolores Smith. Celebrate the lives of 12 historical women who dared to question why women weren’t afforded the right to vote with the Kansas City Star 2009 Block-of-the-Month quilt. Each block tells the story of a woman who stood up against the conventions of the day, and whose life’s work led to the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920 allowing women to vote. Follow the decades-long journey of women’s voting rights and gain a new appreciation for just how precious this right is. Popular quilt designers Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth show you how to make this quilt that honors these women who had the courage to fight for equality. In addition you’ll find five original patterns inspired by these women of influence.
Price: $26.95
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Get Your Stitch on Route 66

# 18896
Regular Price $26.95
Get Your Stitch on Route 66: Quilts from the Mother Road by C. DeArmond, E. Lang & K. Spitzli. Anyone who gets the travel bug will love these three Route 66 quilts by Christina DeArmond, Eula Lang and Kaye Spitzli. Choose from the 21 embroidery patterns that are icons of this famous highway, and three settings to make your own personal full-size Route 66 quilt. Alternate the embroidered blocks with pieced blocks in Crossroads, or Pack Your Bags, or divide them with sashing made of amusing “Burma Shave” signs as in Reading the Signs. Eula, Kaye and Christina are partners in quilt design (Of One Mind pattern company) and in business (Quilting Bits & Pieces in Eudora, Kansas). They talk about quilts and life on the road while driving to quilt shows and guild meetings.
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Ruby Red Dots

# 18898
Ruby Red Dots: Fanciful Circle-Inspired Designs by Sheri Howard. Add a dash of panache to your quilts with whimsical dotted designs. Quilt designer Sheri Howard shows you how in this delightful collection of appliqué quilts and quilted projects. Perfect for a block-of-the-month program, the feature quilt spotlights 12 free-spirited appliqué blocks inspired by the author’s imagination. An artful array of red dots lends a fanciful flourish to each block as well as the borders. Four additional projects offer colorful variations on the dot theme. Large red circles take center stage in a striking brown-and-red companion quilt that combines appliqué with piecework. If you prefer smaller, easy-to-make projects, you’ll love Sheri’s charming table runner or heartwarming baby quilt complete with a matching quilted pillow. Sheri also shares her time-tested tips for making appliqué easier with a handy freezer-paper method.
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My Stars II

# 18903
Regular Price $24.95
My Stars II: Patterns from The Kansas City Star, Volume II
In April 2009, Kansas City Star Quilts published My Stars: Patterns from The Kansas City Star, Volume I to much success. We decided to make this a series, so eventually all of the historical Kansas City Star patterns will be redrafted and published by the same company that printed them decades ago. In Volume I, we asked you, our readers and quilters, to submit their quilts that matched the patterns offered in the book. We loved receiving all of the photos and getting to see the beautiful work that you have accomplished. The photos that were chosen – we wish we could have included them all – really enhanced the project. So we decided to repeat the process for Volume II. We received even more submissions this second time around, and wow, what a great selection of quilts. We had so much trouble choosing! Because of that, we have increased the number of photos in the book – seven of the 25 patterns will include a photograph of a quilt by a fellow quilter friend. My Stars II includes 25 more patterns that were offered to My Star Collection subscribers, a program that provides a web download of a redrafted pattern each week. Each pattern in the book includes fabric requirements, templates and assembly instructions, as well as the original caption that was printed in the newspaper. So whether you plan to stitch these famous old blocks or are a collector, sit back and enjoy the heritage of quilting. And clear a spot on your shelf, because eventually Kansas City Star Quilts will chronicle them all.This is only the second of many more to come.
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