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Vintage Quilts The Farmers Wife - Companion CD Rom Needle Felting by Hand or Machine

Celebration of Stitching

# 284-6
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Needlework creations from
more than 100 world-renown
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Needle Felting by Hand or Machine

# 2Z0749
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Price: $18.95
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Wisconsin Quilts

# Z1481
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This book treats quilters to 100 antique quilts stitched by immigrants between the 1800's and the mid-20th century, through times of war, economic development and depression, with continued perseverance. Learn 10 quilt blocks inspired by original antique quilts.
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Vintage Quilts

# Z2267
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Color photos of 300+ vintage museum-quality quilts, created between 1850 and 1960 and many held in private collections.
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The Farmers Wife - Companion CD Rom

# Z8600
Now you can design your own quilts
with the blocks from the Farmer's Wife
Sampler Quilt book, using E Quilt Version
5 or 6 to color the blocks with fabrics and match.
With 111 blocks your options are endless.
Requires EQ5 or EQ6, CD-ROM Drive
50MB hard drive disk space.
Price: $19.95
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