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Pretty Little Pincushions Creative Felting Embellished Mini-Quilts

Embellished Mini-Quilts

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Author Jamie Fingall has gathered award-wining designers sharing their ideas for embellishing small contemporary quilts with jewelry, shells, ribbons, embroidery, foil stamping, beads and buttons.
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Pretty Little Pincushions

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From ultra-feminine and vintage chic to whimsically colorful and downright oddball, these pincushions redefine the form. And thatís sure to attract the many creative sewers and crafters who have chosen these small, charming canvases as the perfect vehicle to showcase fabulous fabric, simple embellishments, and novel ideas. Nearly 30 projects from a pool of talented designers provide plenty of inspiration, and thereís information on materials and adornments, stuffing options, and what makes a successful, functional pincushion. All thatís needed are beginning hand-sewing skills to stitch up such unique creations as tiny flowerpot and ladybug pincushions made from a bottle-cap base; a beehive complete with honey bee-topped pins; a selection of heirloom pincushions with vintage trim, lace, and buttons; or elegant silk fruit suited to a centerpiece as much as a sewing basket. Still others, like a tropical fish, a pair of cacti, or a crazy striped rooster, can double as plushy toys without the pins.
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Creative Felting

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Textile artist Lizzie Houghton offers 30 stunning projects that truly stand out from the crowd. Her thorough, fully-illustrated tutorial in the basics will open the craft up to anyone: it includes everything from laying out the fabric and network felting to three-dimensional forms. Beginners then have the skills they need to create subtle variances in color; carry out bold, playful experiments; and work with traditional fibers as well as velvets, silks, and embroidery. The scarves, wraps, pillows, throws, and other felted designs all feature nature-inspired shades, from the fiery hues of chili and poppy and rust to the earthy tones of fern and moss,
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