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American Summer

# 19947
Regular Price $24.95
American Summer: Seaside-Inspired Rugs & Quilts by Polly Minick
Take a nostalgic trip seaside with Polly Minick. Her 12 gorgeous rug patterns bring back memories of summers at the shore – either in her home state of Michigan or the shores of Florida and Massachusetts. Good times, family times, lazy days – what is not to love? Polly also provides extensive instructions and tips about her beloved rug hooking. Also included are several stunning quilts from her talented sister Laurie Simpson and the coolest bag ever to take to the beach and back. You’ll also learn more about their support of a valuable project, The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.
Price: $19.95
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Story Time

# 19948
Regular Price $24.95
Story Time: Picture Quilts to Stir a Child’s Imagination by Kim Gaddy contains eight charming quilts and a project with instructions to use it in various ways that will enchant the special young child in your life. With each quilt, Kim presents the idea behind it. The rest ofthe story is up to you and your child. What is the puppy doing? Is the bunny getting ready for bed? Will the cat catch a fish? What are the animals in Old McDonald’s farm? What flavors of ice cream are the pigs eating? These and other friendly characters go about their lives in a series of simply-pieced picture blocks. Some appliqué and embroidery are used to enhance the quilts. Kim hopes you will make one of these quilts and use it to start a conversation, have a laugh, sing a song, or better yet, inspire you to make up your own stories. It will be that much better to snuggle in afterward. Put their favorite character on a bib or a shirt. Kim is a long-time sewer, and button maker who designs quilting and wool appliqué patterns. She also hand-dyes wool, has two teenagers, helps her husband with his hardware business and has just opened a quilt shop in Austin, Texas.
Price: $20.00
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My Stars VII

# 20061
Regular Price $24.95
Sixth Book in the My Star Series
Patterns in this book include Marble Quilt, Honey Bee, The Dogwood Blossom, Pineapple, and Granny’s Choice, just to name a few. It seems that most of these patterns are more unique than some of the more popular ones, and thus provide endless opportunities for quiltmaking. Be sure to check out the photographs of the gorgeous quilts that accompany some of the blocks. The quilt contributors are people just like you – fans of the historical patterns who enjoy making new quilts with historical blocks. It’s always exciting to see a new twist! The My Stars series is Kansas City Star Quilts’ effort to redraft the entire 1,000+ pattern historical collection, and offer it in bound printed volumes for pattern lovers to stitch and collect. Each of the 25 patterns in this book includes fabric requirements, templates and assembly instructions, as well as the original sketch and caption that were printed in the newspaper.
Price: $20.00
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Springtime in the Rockies

# 20139
by Konda Luckau
“I love when springtime comes to our little valley nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. As fruit trees bloom in the orchards surrounding our little farm, I am filled with anticipation and hope of things to come. The mountains around us bring a feeling of warmth and security – just like a cozy old quilt.” - Rebecca Morganson of Payson, Utah To the quilters who live in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, its beauty and wonder is a daily source of inspiration that oftentimes is translated into their quilts. These quilts are just as splendid as the mountains themselves. Join nine of these Rocky Mountain designers as they show you what spring means to them
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Pieced Hexies

# 20215
Regular Price $26.95
A New Tradition in English Paper Piecing
by Mickey Depre .
Price: $21.56
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Morning Has Broken

# 2JPQ2011
Regular Price $8.00
Some shelf wear
52" x 68"
Price: $6.40
Quantity:  Leaflet

Threads of Time

# 506-TOT
Regular Price $20.00
By Barbara Brandeburg
Price: $16.00

Bold Improvisation

# 912573
Regular Price $24.95
This coffee-table art book presents more than 50 bold quilts collected by Scott Heffley dating back 122 years. A tribute to their soulful beauty, the book shows traditional quilts next to their improvisational cousins, as well as African textiles that demonstrate similarities to this American art. Also included are ways to examine quilts, fabric dating and the importance of recording the history of these quilts. Heffley offers insightful aesthetic observations as well, an outgrowth of his work restoring masterpieces at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City.
Price: $19.96
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Soulful Art

# 912574
Regular Price $24.95
Renowed Kansas City designer and Andover fabric artist Sonie Fussin creates ll contemporary quilts based on the collection featured in Bold Improvisation: Search for African American Quilts - The Heffley Collection. Also included are original designs and pattern for quilts by Sonie, all part of her quest to learn about her familiy origins and heritage. Sonie-s easy-to-follow patterns encourage creativity ad simple, quick construction. Each design is paired with Sonie's imaginative stories.
Price: $19.96
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Vintage Christmas

# 92931
Regular Price $25.00
Quilts, Wool Applique and Punchneedle Designs
Peppermint and Candy Cane themes
Price: $19.96
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Quilting For The First Time

# 985619
Regular Price $19.95
Sterling Chapelle
Practice your quilting skills on
projects that are functional and
beautiful with Donna Kooler and
you will become an expert in no time.
Price: $15.96
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Amy Barickmans Vintage Notions

# AB12300
Regular Price $29.95
Inspirational essays
and projects for each month of the year
34 seasonal recipes along with crafting and
decorating ideas
Four storage pockets
One for each season.
Twelve Magic Patterns
Easy-to-make, chic sewing projects.
Price: $23.96
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Redwork for Quilts

# AQS1273
Fifty-Five Redwork Patterns
Five Quilts
Price: $12.95
Quantity:  Book

Keepsake Signature Quilts

# AQS2608
Regular Price $24.95
Signature quilts contain signed or inscribed blocks that are pieced together to create treasured souvenirs of times and memories shared. From choosing a design to organizing participants, every aspect of making a signature quilt is provided in this book.
Price: $19.96
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March 2011

# AQS27
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Price: $4.80
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