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Vintage Christmas French Farmhouse 101 Tea Towels
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Redwork Embellished

# !AQS1422
Take historic outline embroidery to a twenty-first century level. Redwork and its
lesser-known sisters, blue-, black-, gold-, and greenwork are fresh for the
modern era in Joan Shay's updated, embellished presentation.
Combine light, lovely pattern designs with simple embroidery stitches and fun,
easy Appli-bond three-dimensional work. Redwork Embellished gives quilters a new tool for jazzing up everything from pillows to wallhangings. Choose
from 13 projects featuring flowers, single-color themes, multicolored designs, and more. Combine them to start a medallion center for a full-size quilt,
or scatter individual designs throughout your home for bright
bursts of color.
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Gifts From My Heart

# !LIB165
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A booklet for your family & friends
32” x 40” Pieced Hearts Autograph Quilt
32” x 40” Strippy Heart Quilt with appliqued
and embellished hearts 17” x 21"
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101 Tea Towels

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You'll have fun making tea towels and learn new stitching skills at the same time. Techniques include applique, chicken scratch, embroidery, cross-stitch and embellishing with rick rack, prairie points and other popular trims. Many of the towels are in sets of three to seven designs.
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# 14785
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By Pamela Manning
The dinosaur quilt and projects in this book will delight little boys and girls the world over. Pam even offers a few dinosaur facts to brush up on as you appliqué each dinosaur block. The moving body parts bring the dinosaurs to life for your youngster and the easy appliqué and Big Stitch will get this quilt done in a hurry. You'll find additional projects in this book to dress up a room in dinosaurs, including a pillow sham, wall hanging, and window valance.
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We Gather Together

# 14787
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Price: $20.76
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My Stars I

# 18231
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This book includes a selection of 25 of the first patterns offered to My Star Collection subscribers. The book is filled with redrafted patterns that were published in The Kansas City Star newspaper sometime between 1928 and 1961. Each pattern includes templates, fabric requirements, and assembly instructions, as well as the history of the block. Patterns include Carrie Nation, Pine Tree, Sunbonnet Sue, Crystal Star and many more!
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Winter Trees

# 18819
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Take a walk in the woods with Jane Kennedy. Even though it’s winter, you’ll see the beauty in the serenity of untouched snow and feel the chill of the cold snowdrifts. Now you can make Jane’s woods your own. Follow her clear, concise step-by-step instructions to create your own pattern. After learning Jane’s easy technique, you’ll be ready to step out and add your own unique elements to reflect memories of woods that have touched your heart and calmed your soul.
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Get Your Stitch on Route 66

# 18896
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Get Your Stitch on Route 66: Quilts from the Mother Road by C. DeArmond, E. Lang & K. Spitzli. Anyone who gets the travel bug will love these three Route 66 quilts by Christina DeArmond, Eula Lang and Kaye Spitzli. Choose from the 21 embroidery patterns that are icons of this famous highway, and three settings to make your own personal full-size Route 66 quilt. Alternate the embroidered blocks with pieced blocks in Crossroads, or Pack Your Bags, or divide them with sashing made of amusing “Burma Shave” signs as in Reading the Signs. Eula, Kaye and Christina are partners in quilt design (Of One Mind pattern company) and in business (Quilting Bits & Pieces in Eudora, Kansas). They talk about quilts and life on the road while driving to quilt shows and guild meetings.
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My Stars II

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My Stars II: Patterns from The Kansas City Star, Volume II
In April 2009, Kansas City Star Quilts published My Stars: Patterns from The Kansas City Star, Volume I to much success. We decided to make this a series, so eventually all of the historical Kansas City Star patterns will be redrafted and published by the same company that printed them decades ago. In Volume I, we asked you, our readers and quilters, to submit their quilts that matched the patterns offered in the book. We loved receiving all of the photos and getting to see the beautiful work that you have accomplished. The photos that were chosen – we wish we could have included them all – really enhanced the project. So we decided to repeat the process for Volume II. We received even more submissions this second time around, and wow, what a great selection of quilts. We had so much trouble choosing! Because of that, we have increased the number of photos in the book – seven of the 25 patterns will include a photograph of a quilt by a fellow quilter friend. My Stars II includes 25 more patterns that were offered to My Star Collection subscribers, a program that provides a web download of a redrafted pattern each week. Each pattern in the book includes fabric requirements, templates and assembly instructions, as well as the original caption that was printed in the newspaper. So whether you plan to stitch these famous old blocks or are a collector, sit back and enjoy the heritage of quilting. And clear a spot on your shelf, because eventually Kansas City Star Quilts will chronicle them all.This is only the second of many more to come.
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Greetings from Tuscadelphia

# 19040
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by Liz & Beth Hawkins Greetings from TUCSADELPHIA! A place where inspiration flows freely and music floats on the breeze. The air is filled with the scent of freshly baked goodies and laughter rings throughout the land. That's how Lizzie B sees it! In essence, Tucsadelphia IS wherever Liz and Beth ARE. Let Lizzie B Cre8ive take you on a tour through some of their favorite places. "Greetings from TUCSADELPHIA" is a collection of some of Liz and Beth's favorite travel-inspired projects. Like all quilters who travel, Liz and Beth collect FABRIC! They gather fabric from the places they visit and take those bits and weave them into a quilt; like Beth's "Happy Hawaii" quilt. They make us smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside as memories of our travels flood back to us. Join them on a sun-drenched beach in "Happy Hawaii" or the bustling streets of "New York's Got Soul". Stitch up the quick and "Easy-Breezy Backsack", then take a jaunt through Pennsylvania Amish country. Or pick your own favorite places for the "Wish You Were Here" quilt and adorn it with postcards and memories. Don't forget to bake some "Be Cre8ive Cookies" for your travels, and escape with the Lizzie B playlist. Whether you find time to stitch a little, "Kick Back and Relax" or do some "Peaceful Dreamin'" on your own travel pillow, remember that "All Roads Lead to Home". And when it comes to the Lizzie B Girls…all roads lead to Tucsadelphia! We hope you enjoy the journey. Dream big, go far, and always Be Cre8ive! Oh, and if you're wondering where the heck Tucsadelphia is, it's the official city of Lizzie B Cre8ive! Beth lives in Tucson and Liz lives in Philadelphia, hence Tucsadelphia!
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My Stars III

# 19074
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Here we are again with our third installment of the My Stars: Patterns from The Kansas City Star series. This volume includes a variety of patterns, from the simple – such as Thrifty and Roman Stripe – to the more difficult – such as Wagon Wheels and Heart’s Desire. The patterns originally hailed from readers of the historical Kansas City Star newspaper, from Hugo, Colo., to Hunter, Ark. All 25 patterns are inspiring in their uniqueness and place in history. Also included are photographs of quilts from people just like you – our readers and quilt enthusiasts. Once again, we have a beautiful selection of quilts from the past, as well as updated versions. These quilt photos match the patterns in the book, so you’ll get to see ways in which actual quilts are made up using the patterns. So whether you plan to stitch these famous old blocks or are a collector, sit back and enjoy the heritage of quilting. And clear a spot on your shelf, because eventually Kansas City Star Quilts will chronicle them all. This is still just the beginning.
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Not Your Grandmothers Quilt

# 19076
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by Sheri Howard Everything old is new again with these six time-savvy quilts that recapture the splendor of grandma's quilts - with an imaginative twist. Sheri Howard, author of Ruby Red Dots, has updated six classic pieced block designs with a cheerful palette of applique flowers and finery. Using her signature flair for colorful combination and whimsy, she enlivens timeless blocks such as Churn Dash, Windmill, and Shoofly. Perfect for today's busy lifestyles, the featured quilts showcase four large pieced blocks that can be assembled quickly, leaving you more time to embellish them with applique. Sheri also shows you how to spice up your projects with embellishments such as rick-rack, buttons, and three-dimensional applique. Each quilt comes with a scrumptious time-tested recipe that echoes the theme of the project. .
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Roaring Through the Twenties

# 19225
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Carolyn McCormick, inventor of the Add-a-Quarter Ruler, brings you a pair of delightful paper pieced sampler quilts using patterns from the 20s. You can choose to make a large quilt using the twenty 10-inch patterns or a miniature using the 4-inch patterns. She’s even included a bonus 10-inch pattern for a Ribbon Border! Roaring Through the 20s gives you a glimpse of the flapper era with vignettes straight from a 1920s era Montgomery Ward’s catalogue. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could still buy a treadle sewing machine for $19.48!
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American Summer

# 19947
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American Summer: Seaside-Inspired Rugs & Quilts by Polly Minick
Take a nostalgic trip seaside with Polly Minick. Her 12 gorgeous rug patterns bring back memories of summers at the shore – either in her home state of Michigan or the shores of Florida and Massachusetts. Good times, family times, lazy days – what is not to love? Polly also provides extensive instructions and tips about her beloved rug hooking. Also included are several stunning quilts from her talented sister Laurie Simpson and the coolest bag ever to take to the beach and back. You’ll also learn more about their support of a valuable project, The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.
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Story Time

# 19948
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Story Time: Picture Quilts to Stir a Child’s Imagination by Kim Gaddy contains eight charming quilts and a project with instructions to use it in various ways that will enchant the special young child in your life. With each quilt, Kim presents the idea behind it. The rest ofthe story is up to you and your child. What is the puppy doing? Is the bunny getting ready for bed? Will the cat catch a fish? What are the animals in Old McDonald’s farm? What flavors of ice cream are the pigs eating? These and other friendly characters go about their lives in a series of simply-pieced picture blocks. Some appliqué and embroidery are used to enhance the quilts. Kim hopes you will make one of these quilts and use it to start a conversation, have a laugh, sing a song, or better yet, inspire you to make up your own stories. It will be that much better to snuggle in afterward. Put their favorite character on a bib or a shirt. Kim is a long-time sewer, and button maker who designs quilting and wool appliqué patterns. She also hand-dyes wool, has two teenagers, helps her husband with his hardware business and has just opened a quilt shop in Austin, Texas.
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