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The Travelers

# 20260
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My Stars VIII

# 20216
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Deck The Halls

# 20212
by Lynda Hall
Everyone likes decorating for Christmas, but why wait for December to roll around? Lynda Hall has designed eight new primitive quilts that span the seasons from Thanksgiving to St. Patrick's Day.
Wreaths, packages, and Santa's path all come to life with stories of Lynda's family gathering for the holidays. A chilly doorman and his big brother greet your guests. Lynda introduces you to quilts and projects that will inspire you to create your own family traditions.
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Stories in Stitches

# 20211
by Jenifer Dick, Carol Bohl
and Linda Hammontree with Janice Britz
Foreword by Terry Clothier Thompson
In 2010, a community in Western Missouri
joined together to document more than 100 quilted treasures for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Some came out of linen closets, others came from boxes in the attic and some left their homes for the first time ever to be documented. The stories these quilts tell reveal the larger story of their community and the times in which they were made.
Join authors Jenifer Dick, Carol Bohl, Linda Hammontree and Janice Britz as they show you these amazing quilts and tell you their stories. Plus six projects inspired by these quilts are patterned for you to make!
Be a part of history ... and be inspired to make some of your own!
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The Spirit of Sacajawea

# 20214
A Textile Tribute to an American Heroine
by Laurie Simpson & Polly Minick
The Spirit of Sacagawea: A Textile Tribute to an American Heroine honors the only woman to travel with the Lewis and Clark expedition. The young mother, who carried her infant son on her back throughout the arduous journey, was a symbol of peace to other Native Americans. To Lewis and Clark, she was translator, teacher, guide and rescuer.
You will find two versions of the lovely quilt that commemorates Sacagawea's spirit and courage as well as five smaller projects ranging from a needle case to hooked rugs. Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick hope you enjoy your journey on the Lewis and Clark Trail!
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# 20213
A 21st-Century Twist on 19th-Century Favorites
by Dawn Heese
Past meets present in this charming collection of pieced and applique quilts by the author of Geese in the Rose Garden and A Year of Cozy Comforts. Quilt designer Dawn Heese is back with six new quilts inspired by timeless 19th-century designs. Using her signature folk-art style, she brings these designs of the past alive for today's quilters.
Dawn's quilts will spark inspiration for needleturn and raw-edge appliquers alike. For wool applique enthusiasts, she has included a captivating rendition of the classic Harrison Rose design. And for patchwork lovers, she puts her unique twist on two beloved designs reminiscent of times past - the strip quilt and Snowball block.
Dawn's handy how-to instructions for needleturn, raw-edge, and wool applique give you the basics to successfully complete the projects.
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The Garden Quilt

# 20142
by Barbara Brackman & Ilyse Moore
Ruth Finley described the Garden quilt appliqué as “the triumph of the needle....No two Garden quilts were ever quite alike....” Ilyse Moore and Barbara Brackman present a pattern for a new interpretation of the Garden medallion or, as Rose Kretsinger called it, The Paradise Garden. They’ve drawn from several appliqué masterpieces and show you how to make Ilyse’s Paradise in Kansas, a Garden quilt for the 21st century.
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Czecherboard Quilts

# 20140
by Rose Ann Cook
The desire to know more about her father’s family lead Rose Ann Cook not just to places and dates, but also to family members she didn’t know and photographs she had never seen. As an avid quilter and quilt shop owner, she naturally turned to designing quilts to honor her father and remind her of the members of his family who were such an important part of his life and who were now a part of her family history. From the Charming Baby quilt to The Old Patriot, there is a story that I am sure you can all relate to, and a quilt that you will want to make. Rose Ann has also recreated an antique quilt that she rescued as a bonus quilt for you to make as an heirloom for your family.
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Away from Home

# 20059
by Nancy Rink
Away From Home is woven from the diaries and letters of Lowell, Massachusetts, Mill Girls and the history of the textile factories where they worked. The featured sampler quilt has an appliqued center depicting two of the Mill Girls surrounded by nine pieced and appliqued blocks. Eight more original projects include seven quilts of various sizes and a charming pinwheel pillow cover. All the projects feature fabrics designed and developed for Marcus Fabrics by Judie Rothermel in conjunction with Lowell’s American Textile History Museum. Nancy, an award-winning fiber artist, and Oliver, a history professor, combine their expertise to bring you stories as interesting and enjoyable as the quilts they inspired.
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A Bag of Scraps

# 20063
by Edie McGinnis
Oh those scrappy quilts with stories to tell and mysteries to solve. Look closely. See this bit of plaid in purple? Here it is again in green ... and yellow ... and red! One can't help but wonder where those bits and pieces came from. Edie McGinnis explores the origins of these delightful scraps: likely from one of the nation's Garment Districts. During the heyday of the Kansas City garment district, it was said that one in every seven women in the country wore a coat or suit made there. You'll learn about the locale and the players: immigrant workers who toiled the factories, designers whose splashy lives became the daily news, and the museum there today. AND where all those scraps went! You'll also find easy-to-follow directions to make eight spectacular scrap quilts - some from old designs, some new - and a handful of fun projects. Best of all: a portion of the proceeds from this book will go to support Kansas City's Garment District Museum
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Annas Quilts

# 19774
A goosebump moment of discovering her Aunt Anna's quilt in a book led Donna di Natale on a hunt for the quilt's origin. And the enduring freshness of the 1930s quilt design led to her recreating the quilt using modern techniques and materials. The templates for Anna's quilt are based on the original design. For the other projects, I simplified the daisy and morning glory templates. And because I love wool applique, I have included a wool applique wall hanging or table quilt and a small table topper. The templates for some of the projects have been reduced in size, and new designs were added to the wallhanging, but every project in this book contains the rose applique found in Anna's original quilt to demonstrate the timelessness of this design.
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Pretty Petals

# 20060
by Sheri Howard
It's the love of flowers, and the sketches they inspired, that grew into Sheri Howard's "Pretty Petals" quilt. "Pretty Petals" is a collection of whimsical flowers drawn from fond memories and a colorful imagination. The colors were taken from a box of watercolors and that first 24-count box of crayons Sheri had in grade school.
A delightful variation of "Pretty Petals" is the "Kaleidoscope" quilt. Sheri shows you how to take "Pretty Petals" blocks and turn them into a colorful kaleidoscope of flowers. The versatility of these floral designs is amazing! Then there's "Red Poppy Garden – a simple nine-block quilt with large appliqué pieces – something beginners will certainly appreciate. Accent pieces include the "Euro Pillow Sham," "Frilly Pillow Case," and "Red Throw Pillow." Sheri's signature style also adorns her must-have "Market Bag."
Take some time and stroll through the imaginative garden of Sheri Howard's "Pretty Petals."
Price: $25.95
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Memories of Christmas Past

# 20058
by Betsey Langford & Carolyn Nixon
Celebrate the holiday season with this festive sampler quilt dressed in the classic yuletide colors of red and green. Based on traditional designs, each of the 12 sampler blocks features a Nine-Patch twist. Quilt designers Betsey Langford and Carolyn Nixon also created a stunning central medallion of Poinsettia and Nine-Patch blocks. As you make the feature quilt, travel back to a simpler time with Carolyn’s childhood memories of growing up in the Ozarks in the 1950s. Her 12 journal entries capture the joy of simple pleasures and handmade comforts. Searching for a creative holiday gift idea? Let Betsey and Carolyn ignite your imagination with their six smaller companion projects – a memories journal, a framed quilt block, a throw pillow, a star-studded table runner, a quick and easy quilt throw, and a dazzling embroidered snowflake design.
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Quilting In The Garden

# KSCB413
Price: $24.95
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My Stars VI

# 19774
My Stars VI: Patterns from The Kansas City Star, Volume VI
Welcome to the sixth book in our My Stars series – we’re trucking right along! The books are going to be such great collector’s items once we get them all completed. It’s fun offering these patterns in a random order because there is sure to be something for everyone in each book. Patterns in this book include Marble Quilt, Honey Bee, The Dogwood Blossom, Pineapple, and Granny’s Choice, just to name a few. It seems that most of these patterns are more unique than some of the more popular ones, and thus provide endless opportunities for quiltmaking. Be sure to check out the photographs of the gorgeous quilts that accompany some of the blocks. The quilt contributors are people just like you – fans of the historical patterns who enjoy making new quilts with historical blocks. It’s always exciting to see a new twist! The My Stars series is Kansas City Star Quilts’ effort to redraft the entire 1,000+ pattern historical collection, and offer it in bound printed volumes for pattern lovers to stitch and collect. Each of the 25 patterns in this book includes fabric requirements, templates and assembly instructions, as well as the original sketch and caption that were printed in the newspaper.
Price: $24.95
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65 Items.  Showing Items 16 thru 30.
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