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The Raven

# !BBD-Raven
This is a 64 page book containing all of the patterns needed to create The Raven, a 9 block applique quilt
Each block’s name is taken from a bit of Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry. The birds, whether perching on a pumpkin or silhouetted by the light of the harvest moon, are sure to add a bit of whimsy into your home
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My Stars VI

# 19774
My Stars VI: Patterns from The Kansas City Star, Volume VI
Welcome to the sixth book in our My Stars series – we’re trucking right along! The books are going to be such great collector’s items once we get them all completed. It’s fun offering these patterns in a random order because there is sure to be something for everyone in each book. Patterns in this book include Marble Quilt, Honey Bee, The Dogwood Blossom, Pineapple, and Granny’s Choice, just to name a few. It seems that most of these patterns are more unique than some of the more popular ones, and thus provide endless opportunities for quiltmaking. Be sure to check out the photographs of the gorgeous quilts that accompany some of the blocks. The quilt contributors are people just like you – fans of the historical patterns who enjoy making new quilts with historical blocks. It’s always exciting to see a new twist! The My Stars series is Kansas City Star Quilts’ effort to redraft the entire 1,000+ pattern historical collection, and offer it in bound printed volumes for pattern lovers to stitch and collect. Each of the 25 patterns in this book includes fabric requirements, templates and assembly instructions, as well as the original sketch and caption that were printed in the newspaper.
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Taupe Inspirations

# 19774
by Kylie Irvine
Be inspired by the soft gentle colors of Japanese Taupes and Kylie Irvine’s charming designs. The colors give a soothing comfort to these modern quilts while the naïve flowers lend a sense of whimsy. These quilts and projects will add a designer touch to your décor and be beautifully functional. Quilts, cushion covers, sewing cases, bags and more, each one full of inspiration.
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Faithful and Devoted

# 19617
By Sarah Maxwell & Dolores Smith
When Charles Tenney, a young Union soldier, has a chance meeting with the sister of one of his officers, he is instantly captivated. After one meeting, he asks her if he could write her while he is away. To his delight, she agrees. With the Civil War raging around them, Charles and Adelaide fall in love through a series of remarkably preserved letters. We read as Charles courts Adelaide while witnessing to her his experiences in battle. And in her letters to Charles, we watch as she recounts her experiences on the home front all while her feelings for him develop from simple friendship to deep and profound love. Celebrate Charles and Adelaide's memory with this quilted interpretation of their love story. Authors and quilt designers Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth in Mexico, Mo., show us how to create two quilts based on the same 12 pieced blocks. One quilt, Adelaide, is created in rosy reds and greens. Charlie is made in soft blues, browns and creams. Four additional quilts inspired by Charles and Adelaide are included.
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History Repeated

# 19773
by Betsy Chutchian & Carol Staehle Making a quilt is easier than you might think when you gather some friends and exchange blocks. Let the 19th-Century Patchwork Divas show you how. Inspired by their love of antique 19th-century quilts, this Texas-based block exchange group recreates these quilted treasures of the past with 1800s reproduction fabrics. The group’s co-founders, Betsy Chutchian and Carol Staehle, have assembled a captivating collection of quilts from past block exchanges. Ranging from the simplicity of the Double Nine-Patch block to the more challenging Carolina Lily block, there is a project for every skill level among this book’s 16 classic quilts. Each of the chapters features detailed block instructions that you can easily adapt for your own block exchange as well as one to three setting options for completing your quilts. And for those who prefer to make the quilts individually, each setting option also includes all the necessary block instructions to help you successfully complete the projects from start to finish. To give you even more setting and color palette ideas, most of the chapters include an inspiring photo gallery of additional quilts by the Patchwork Divas.
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More William Morris Applique

# 575385
From international quilting artist, Michele Hill, projects include small and large bed quilts, tablecloth, table runner, cushion, wall hanging and more. .
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Quilts for Rosie

Carolyn McCormick creates another stunning paper-pieced sampler. Twenty Kansas City Star patterns from the 1940's have been redrafted into 10-inch and 4-inch paper-pieced patterns, giving the quilter the choice of a larger quilt or a miniature. Instructions for projects such as sachets and trinket boxes are also included as alternatives for using the blocks. Another book feature is how quilts were part of World War II - quilts made by prisoners of war, Service Banners and how the war changed women's roles.
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