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Comfort Zone For All Seasons A Day At Sunnybrook

A Day At Sunnybrook

# 20141
Primitive Projects to Recall Home Life in the 1800s
by Maggie Bonanomi This is a little tale about three sisters living in rural Lafayette County in the mid 1800s. Inspired by the rich colors of a vintage quilt, an 1899 book of advice, and a favorite doll, Maggie Bonanomi brings you the world of Sunny Brook School for Girls. Explore and make the necessary items for every part of their lives: classroom study, sewing, exercise, rest, finer skills and sleep. Maggie supplies the projects that will take the girls though their days! And what an abundance of projects: a sampler, mending baskets, a chatelaine, pincushions, a fireplace screen, pillows and more pillows, a throw, pinched purse, several hooked rugs, a bed cover, daily books, even a flower press. The golden hues of Sunny Brook School await you.
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Book of Days

# 19353
Maggie Bonanomi designed a Book of Days that can be used as a calendar, scrapbook, journal – now you can make one too. Maggie’s version is filled with photos of her favorite seasonal surroundings, quotes, and hand-drawn art. She shares how she made her book and ways you can tailor yours to fit your whims – to make a book for yourself or as the perfect gift: a book of days to remember and treasure. Inside you’ll find instructions for putting a book together and lots of inspiration for filling the pages.
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Comfort Zone

# 19168
More Primitive Projects for You and Your Home by Maggie Bonanomi
Eighteen new projects: bed covers, hooked rugs, pillows, tablerunners, whimsical sewing items – even a jacket and toe warmers. As always, many are inspired by the antiques Maggie collects.
Helpful advice is included as well - Maggie includes instructions on how to add an aged look to your projects. She lists helpful items to collect to create these primitive projects. She describes many thrifty tips for working with recycled and re-purposed items.
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