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Paper Dollies Days of The Week Towels Christmas Towels

Christmas Towels

# 961-26
Regular Price $24.00
Set of four 100% cotton towels
with fabric pouch.
Price: $19.20
Quantity:  Set

Days of The Week Towels

# 961-28
Regular Price $25.00
Seven towels all stamped
with a different day of the week
and a picture of a dog and cat.
Embroider them or leave them as they are.
Each towel is edged in a red crochet trim.
Price: $20.00
Quantity:  Set

Grandma Sadies Pouch

# 963-10
Regular Price $35.00
Price: $28.00
Quantity:  Each

Paper Dollies

# 995-125
Regular Price $16.00
Shipping Box Creases
Patterns and Stands Intact
Just like the paper dolls you had when you were a kid. Each box contains three cardboard dolls named Jack, Beth and Sue. Each doll has oodles of paper outfits & accessories to cut out and dress them. Also included are three plastic stands.
Price: $12.80
Quantity:  Box