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Fresh From the Prairies

# 20407
Twelve Quilts that Capture the Spirit of the West
The prairies of Alberta, Canada, fuel the design choices of Devon Lavigne and Sharon Smith. They’ve created 12 quilt designs inspired by quilts of the past: cowboys, prairie labyrinths, Northern lights ¯ even haystacks. Using antique and reproduction fabrics, they add the unexpected¯a splash of black, a spark of white, vintage florals¯with youthful energy, independent spirit, and a style that’s upscale and eccentric, too. Also included is a section with detailed pointers on basic quilt techniques.
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Colonial Revival Quilts

# 20376
by the American Quilt Study Group
The Colonial Revival era linked quiltmakers’ busy hands with a longing for the past, especially Colonial times. Member of the American Quilt Study Group accepted the challenge to study quilts of this era by making reproductions of Colonial Revival quilts from the early 20th century. Included in the book are 28 study quilts, with patterns for 10. Fifteen of the 28 quilts are traveling across the country in a special exhibit.
Price: $22.95
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Farm Fresh Quilts

# 20374
Kim Gaddy follows her popular Story Time quilt book with Farm-Fresh Quilts, telling a story in fabric about her family’s decision to live a simple life. Her patterns reflect the family’s garden, and their animals have inspired quilts, toppers, a pillow and tea towels. Everything comes together in the pieced and appliquéd Simple Life quilt. The six beautiful quilts and eight projects will make you smile. Kim hopes you find a slice of country simplicity in these pages that tell of her family’s daily life.
Price: $24.95
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Butterfly Fields

# 20373
by Carolyn Nixon and Betsey Langford
Capture the beauty of nature by bringing a host of three-dimensional butterflies fluttering to life in these beautiful quilts and other projects. Whether you make them scrappy or carefully select fabrics to match your décor, the results will be delightful. Mixed with tips and menus to attract real butterflies to your yard, this book is a butterfly journey to savor.
Price: $27.95
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A Circus Quilts

# 20359
by Under the Garden Moon
The circus offers the inspiration for these seven bright quilts and some special projects, pieced and appliquéd, for all the family. Amy McClellan and her daughters, Melanie Marek and Mindy Johnston, have created works of color and humor that will delight you. They turn a wheel pattern into three quilts, with variations in color and form. The stuffed toy Traveling Circus wagon and characters, a bonus project, are a delight.
Price: $27.95
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